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  • Dmitry Gromov, a head of the R&D department of Breeze Technologies, told Reis (Trip) magazine about organization of fare collection systems.


    Апрельский номер журнала

    In the April issue of the magazine, which covers the main topic - challenges of fare payment-, Dmitry Gromov spoke about automated fare collection systems. By methods of organization of  fare collection control management, the existing systems can be divided on two major types: open and closed.

    In open transport systems, all calculations are made on the side of the information system of the transport operator, and an e-ticket is used only to identify a passenger. Open transport systems allow to implement complex mechanisms of fare calculation with account of previous trips, discounts, and bonuses.

    In closed systems information about ticket’s resource is stored on the ticket carrier (a contactless card or a mobile phone), it helps to reduce payment processing time to minimum.

    Learn more about transport companies’ fare collection and fare collection control systems in the April issue of Reis magazine.