NFC ru
  • To catch a train
  • To buy with ease and profit
  • To see a concert
  • To buy a snack from the vending machine
  • To pass identification control
  • To drive by a paid road
  • To learn more
  • To catch a train

    How not to be late for a meeting, if you have got no ticket and huge queues are at the box office?

    Run the app on NFC-capable mobile device, choose transport company, set, if necessary, parameters of the ride: one way or round, destination point, etc.

    Buy ticket inside the app. It will be uploaded on your device immediately.

    Go to the turnstile, tap the reader with the NFC-enabled device, and get happily on board.

    To buy with ease and profit

    Hot to get a discount and make a purchase?

    Upload a discount coupon on the NFC-enabled phone, it can be adjusted automatically or on demand, and it’s always on hand.

    To make a purchase, tap cashier’s POS with the phone - coupon or loyalty programs are adjusted automatically! Make sure that payment amount is right, and accept the purchase.

    To see a concert

    How to get a ticket to the exhibition, a concert or a football match, and not to forget it at home on the event day?

    You can easily buy a ticket to any event you want.

    Enter the concert hall bypassing the queue, and quickly find your seats by tapping a special tag at the enter. The Hall’s scheme with a highlighted route to your seat will be uploaded to your device automatically.

    You can get more information about the event by tapping the NFC tag in a poster. You can select a seat and buy a ticket to the event without visiting a box office.

    You can send tickets you’ve bought as a gift just by tapping the receiver’s NFC-ready device.

    To buy a snack from the vending machine

    How to buy coffee or a chocolate bar from a vending machine without cash or a credit card?

    It’s very easy with NFC!

    Get close to the vending machine, choose an item to buy, tap the reader with an NFC-enabled phone, information about the chosen item will be shown on the device’s display. To make a purchase just accept it on the phone screen.

    The purchase amount will be withdrawn from the bank account, a digital receipt will be uploaded to the smartphone in seconds.

    To pass identification control

    How to get into a building without using physical access badge?

    Badges or other kind of identification cards can be securely replaced by NFC-enabled smartphones. It can be also used to prevent an unauthorized access to the company’s facilities.

    NFC is easily implemented in time and attendance control systems. All kind of notifications can be send according to the system settings.

    To drive by a paid road

    How to pay road toll, without leaving the car at the entrance and exit and not to linger in the queue?

    NFC helps to pay toll and pass checkpoints incredibly fast.

    Just tap the NFC reader at a toll road’s entrance without leaving the car. Information about the checkpoint, the entrance date, and the car will be uploaded to the phone.

    It’s just enough to tap the reader at a road exit, the toll will be automatically withdrawn from the bank account. A receipt and all information about the ride will be uploaded to the phone.

    To learn more

    How not to get lost in an unfamiliar city or explore the exhibits in the museum without taking a tour?

    Get information about your current location or nearby milestones even without knowing the language is very easily.

    Information about painting in a museum can be easily obtained with an NFC-enabled device by tapping a tag. Select the required language on the popup screen. Information about painting will be uploaded to device in a few seconds.